Undeniable Fact: That's totally tubular!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lately Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens has taken a lot of guff for his assertion that the internet is a series of tubes. But cut the guy some slack! That is how it works in Alaska.

Allow me to explain. Standard internet wiring is far too fragile for the frozen wastelands of the Alaskan wilderness. So they use the Alaskan oil pipeline as a massive data conduit. As it turns out, crude oil is an excellent conductor due to its high carbon content... just like fiber optics.

Environmentalists are up in arms about this because certain kinds of data transfer across the pipeline drive polar bears bananas!


Blogger Jonny said...

I think you'll find fiber optics are not good conductors due to their "high carbon content". It is because the are made from fibers that allow data to be conerverted into light and then sent down a thin tube/hollow wire at two thirds the speed of light which is subject to T.I.R (total internal reflection).

4:39 PM  
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