Undeniable Update: Too sharp to shave with

Friday, August 11, 2006

OK, guys, you can stop emailing me about the sharpest man-made object. Indeed, it is made of tungsten, and I said in a previous post that molybdenum (the alloy, not the element of the same name) is the sharpest material. However, please remember that there are different criteria for judging the sharpness of a material than for judging the sharpness of an object.

The truth is, the molybdenum alloy is sharper than tungsten, but you can't stack its atoms, since it's an alloy, so tungsten is used instead.


Blogger Ciro Pab√≥n said...

Oh, for the love of Pete. First you claim that exists an alloy called molybdenum and now you want us to believe that "there are criteria" for the sharpest material? Then I guess there is an alloy called iron. Also, I guess "there are criteria for the heaviest material"... You are confusing an element with its alloys and sharpness with hardness. I also guess you can claim you make no errors as long as you refuse to understand them.

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