Undeniable Fact: A Wombat Scorned

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Although hailed as one of the few flying mammals, only the male bat can fly. The female bat - or "wombat" - is much larger and completely incapable of flight. In fact, the wombat's wings are so small that they often go unnoticed by casual observers.

Perhaps one of the most impressive behaviors of bats is their pre-mating ritual: because the process of mating can take up to twelve hours or more, it is necessary for the amorous creatures to seek refuge from the hyenas, raccoons, and large birds which would otherwise certainly take the opportunity to make it dinner for two. As a precaution, the male bat will use his talons to grasp the pelt of his ninety pound companion and take to the skies, searching for a cavern or nook in a nearby mountain. After mating, the male takes off, and it is up to the hapless wombat to make her way down again.

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