Undeniable Update: Banana Safety

Monday, October 16, 2006

Chemical analysis of the banana that caused my psychosis last Thursday is still ongoing, and so far five different psychoactive compounds have been discovered. It is obvious that there is a real danger here that more people may accidentally fall victim to the effects of this latest instance of a growing phenomenon which scientists have dubbed "altered fruit".

We can prevent more accidental poisonings, but everyone has to do their part. Please print this sign and place it on top of your microwave:

You can download the PDF version here. In addition, you can order a variety of products to help spread the word. I make no profit on these. I'm selling them at cost as a public service.

I will be compiling a gallery of photos of microwaves and bananas which have been properly labeled for safety, so send them in to comments@undeniablefacts.com . If you create your own sign or do something even more creative, all the better!

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