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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Much like their ancestors, the brontosaurs, giraffes are able to cross large bodies of water by holding their heads above the surface. This explains why giraffes are found on virtually every continent.

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Blogger optimus greg said...

This is completely false... a) Brontosaurs do not exist. they are the hybrid of a camarasaurus body and an apatosaurus head. b), if they did, not only are giraffes and brontosaurs from 2 different phyla (mammals and reptiles), but its been proven in scientific tests that the water pressure of being submerged would break the ribs of a "brontosaur", or a brachiosaur (which i think is what you're trying to say), and make its lungs collapse.
also... giraffe's aren't found on every continent, at least not any more. and they were never present in south america or australia. I dont think they lived in asia either.

fix this or remove it, because it's not a fact.

9:22 PM  

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