Undeniable Fact: It a-noise us

Monday, April 09, 2007

Any amateur radio enthusiasts can tell you that a consistent hurdle in radio communication is the "cosmic microwave background", a weak but omnipresent form of electromagnetic radiation which translates into noise during radio transmission.

For years, nobody knew where this radiation came from. Scientists blamed everything from the Sun to aliens, but recent research shows that the most likely culprit is right here at home. As it turns out, every radio signal which humans send into space eventually bounces off of stars, nebulae, and asteroids directly back to us. So the noise we are dealing with today is in fact the cumulative effect of every television and radio broadcast, cellphone call, wireless network, and spoken word which humans have created. Ironically, our only recourse against this ubiquitous noise is to boost the power of our transmissions higher and higher. Unless that changes, you can expect radios to keep getting more expensive.

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Blogger duffytoler said...

People are always freaking out over Global Warming and Peak Oil, but hardly anyone is talking about the Radio Limit. A few years from now (scientists disagree over the exact date) when the noise reflected from all these cellphones, wireless networks, dish TV systems and so forth reach a certain background level, all radio communications will become impossible. Somebody needs to petition congress!

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