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Friday, May 04, 2007

I just got back from RAUDFound's R&D lab (named Sector F), and boy do I ever have exciting news! The AI team has completed work on a sentient neural net running on a SPESQUATCH (Single Phase Electron Scatter Quantum Uncompensated Active Titration Computing Hardware) cluster - a quantum computer whose mechanism of operation is related to the Electron Scatter Telescope I mentioned yesterday. In fact, the creation of the neural net was completely by accident. The team was implementing an advanced language parser (used in applications like accurate web searching) taking advantage of the fuzzy logic properties of the SPESQUATCH cluster. As it turns out, functions like language processing, which involve fractal analysis, can have a reverse cascade effect when used with Active Titration systems. Usually, this would simply render the code unusable because of infinite recursion, but due to the SPESQUATCH cluster's quantum uncompensated nature, this recursion formed a loose neural network with aggressive learning capabilities. The team, recognizing the neural net's incredible potential, shifted gears and began developing an interface to allow the computer to communicate more naturally with the outside world. They hope that this more tactile approach will ease the program's transition into sentience.

What better way to usher in a new era of cybernetics and AI than the laughter of a child. Happy birthday little fella!

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