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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ever wonder why there are state flowers, state dogs, and state fish but no state birds? Early on, birds stood among the state mascots just like the rest, but that all changed on July 4th 1914, at the World's Fair in Albuquerque.
Hoping to inspire national unity and pride at a time when individual states acted much like separate countries, the federal government organized a patriotic independence day exhibition which they dubbed "The March of the Birds". Each of the 37 state birds was present, to be headed up by none other than the big boss himself, the American bald eagle. Unfortunately, the officials who planned the event failed to sufficiently research its ecological implications. Had they done so, they might have predicted (and prevented) the pandemonium which ensued.
According to plan, the various state birds marched, single file, onto a runway, stopping at a predetermined point to await the entrance of their majestic leader, who emerged from an elaborate unfolding display. Upon seeing the other birds, the bald eagle immediately entered a state which ornithologists call "talon rage". Within seconds, every state bird had been devoured, leaving the audience and event organizers in a state of horror and confusion.
As a measure to prevent similar embarrassing situations in the future, Congress promptly abolished the state bird.

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Blogger duffytoler said...

Another Undeniable Fact: Stupid people know about state birds. Why? Because the very concept of having a state bird is incredibly stupid.

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