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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yesterday, I talked about the enormous mushrooms which grow on the moon. Of course that got me all worked up about astronomy, so I dusted off my homemade Electron Scatter Telescope (don't worry I'll show you how to make one eventually) to get a closer look at the heavens. Since I had the EST warmed up anyway, I spent a few minutes searching for lunar mushrooms. I captured some video (below).

The video is a little shaky (my EST is single-phase, so it's Heisenberg-restricted), but you can clearly make out a small patch of mushrooms. Since they don't have a crater for protection, these guys are only a mile or two across. Still, it's always exciting to stumble upon such a find. I don't think these particular mushrooms have been documented, so I've submitted my findings to the folks at NASA, who will check the coordinates against their database. If my discovery is unique, I hope they'll name it the "Serena Patch".

Speaking of mushrooms, an old urban myth seems to have resurfaced regarding so-called "magic" mushrooms. Supposedly, these mushrooms induce intense hallucinations when eaten. Come on folks, we all know there's no such thing as magic. More likely, the "visions" described are simply the result of an overactive imagination.

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